"The color is able to modify our energy, our mindset, our character. Naturally we are drawn to certain colors to restore the balance of mind and body."

BAC literary and scientific in his pocket, Joëlle forms architecture for 5 long years. She perfects then by many professional experiences on Wall decoration sites... all pacing openings and thus, painted his first abstract painting modern...


Then meetings are going to evolve its creation : with Lefranc& Bourgeois and Ki Sign products. It can thus, experiment with different medias : painting on glass, on fabric, wood, metal, body... The artist will master all the subtleties of the craft of decorative painting and contribute to its success! She invented and staged the "step-to-step' and scalable projects. These aesthetic environments give rise in the other, the desire to imagine, create...

"I inspire people looking for the single object created almost for them."

This daily, energy in the service of Art can be seen in his paintings and can be admired in contemporary works, this perpetual evolution. She is Ambassador marks at the craft fairs, works with the press and participates in television reports. "Of color pieces to assemble at infinity..."

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Buy contemporary art : Gold Spiral - 70 x 100 cm - Painter Joëlle Tanga - All Rights Reserved

Spirale d'or



Mixed technique canvas : Veil of air - 70 x 100 cm - Painter Joëlle Tanga - All Rights Reserved

Voile d'air



deco ideas : Powdered Case - All Rights Reserved

Ecrin Poudré