MU Emotions : New products New products feed Mixed media canvas <img src="" alt="Mixed media canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Mixed media canvas" /> Red and blue contemporary canvas <img src="" alt="Red and blue contemporary canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Red and blue contemporary canvas" /> Collages and silkscreen printing canvas <img src="" alt="Collages and silkscreen printing canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Collages and silkscreen printing canvas" /> Contemporary coloured canvas <img src="" alt="Contemporary coloured canvas" width="59" height="60" title="Contemporary coloured canvas" /> Contemporary design canvas <img src="" alt="Contemporary design canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Contemporary design canvas" /> Collages and paintings canvas <img src="" alt="Collages and paintings canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Collages and paintings canvas" /> Collage and painting canvas <img src="" alt="Collage and painting canvas" width="60" height="60" title="Collage and painting canvas" /> Paintings and collages canvas - Lagoon <img src="" alt="Paintings and collages canvas - Lagoon" width="60" height="60" title="Paintings and collages canvas - Lagoon" /> Painting and collage canvas - the Sphere <img src="" alt="Painting and collage canvas - the Sphere" width="60" height="60" title="Painting and collage canvas - the Sphere" /> nature contemporary painting - bucolic gentleness <img src="" alt="nature contemporary painting - bucolic gentleness" width="60" height="60" title="nature contemporary painting - bucolic gentleness" />